Dublin City Bike Tours

Experience the beauty of Dublin on your bike seat, as you pedal
through well-planned and scenic routes.


We take all the safety considerations into account and ensure you have a smooth experience as you whiz through the roads of Dublin.

Bike Paths

We know all the best bike paths that you are sure to enjoy and never forget.

Tip for Ireland Bike Travel from Local Experts

Our local experts will generously their insights with you.

Fitness Will Always Matter More than Gear

How to Pick the Best Bike Trip for You

Break in Your Gear Before Your Trip

Meet Our  Team

Here are our team members who have made Dublin City Bike Tours successful.

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Dublin, Ireland: City Bike Tours

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Dublin City Bike Tours

Enjoy the blend of rich history and modern sophistication of Dublin on our bike tours.

Neill's Wheels Guided Tours

Neill’s Wheels Guided Tours are an absolute favorite among tourists!

Cycling And Cycle Touring In Ireland

Ireland is a true delight for those who love cycling. It’s got some gorgeous bike paths and beautiful landscapes.


“Ireland has to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I have been here a few times but my last trip is very special to me. The credit of this goes to Dublin City Bike Tours.”

James Taylor,
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Roger H James

“I really enjoyed the guided tour and got to learn so much about Ireland, while on my bicycle! It was a fascinating, enriching experience that I will never forget.”

Nevada Benton

Your guide to bike touring in Ireland this year!

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